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What size is best for my wall?

There are many ways to choose the right size. We have a few tips on how to select the right size: Wall Size If you have a bare wall, we usually recommend the largest size that fits. We always recommend a minimum of 10-20 cm of space on each side of the map. Example 1: […]

How long does it take to mount?

It varies greatly from map to map how long it takes to set up. Some of our municipality maps can be set up in 5 minutes, while our largest world maps can take up to 180 minutes. We usually recommend getting the whole family to help with the setup to make it as quick as […]

How do our products mount to the wall?

Most of our maps hang using a combination of 2 methods. The larger pieces are hung using magnets. We prefer to keep the wooden pieces as large as possible, which is why they require something stronger than foam tape to support them. The magnets also provide good adjustability for the map. All the smaller pieces […]

Can the maps hang on my type of wall?

Our maps are designed to hang on many different types of walls, both smooth and uneven. A selection of the walls our products currently hang on includes: Even if your wall is not on the list, it’s important to remember that our maps can hang on virtually all types of walls. If you’re unsure whether […]

How many countries are there in all of Europe?

The number of countries in Europe can vary depending on political recognition, but generally, there are about 44 sovereign states in Europe, including transcontinental countries like Russia and Turkey, which have territory in both Europe and Asia. However, it’s important to note that the number can change over time due to political changes and territorial […]

Where to buy world maps?

You can purchase detailed and unique world maps at We specialize in creating handmade wooden world maps, which can be an artistic and educational addition to your home or office. Visit our website to browse our selection of world maps, where you can choose from different sizes and wood types to find a map […]

How much does a world map cost?

The price of a world map varies based on its size and the material it’s made from. Our handmade world maps start at 135€, and you can view all options and prices on our website under the ‘World Maps’ category.

When did the first world map appear?

The first known world map is the Babylonian World Map, dating back to around the 6th century BC. Throughout history, many different world maps have been developed, each with its unique style and accuracy based on the geographical knowledge of the time. The first world map from World In Wood was created in the summer […]