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Unique Solutions

Are you looking for something truly unique? Do you have an idea for something awesome but need help bringing it to life? We’re here to create the next unique piece of wall decoration for you!

Made in Denmark

100% Customized to your wishes

Unique solutions and high quality products

Create unique wall decorations with our customized solutions.

Our service offers exceptional wall decorations tailored specifically to our customers. We design and construct each piece based on a dialogue with you, ensuring you receive a completely unique artwork. Whether it’s a logo or a specially designed city map with individually carved buildings, our expertise is at your disposal.

We are dedicated to testing and developing new solutions to deliver the perfect finished product to you. Whether you come to us with an idea or already have a specific product in mind, we can assist you. We specialize in custom projects that often involve adhering our products to a panel, allowing you to hang them as wall decorations.

Our unique solutions are not only for businesses but also for individuals. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your home or create something unique for your business premises, we are here to help you realize your visions.

Contact us today to create your very own unique wall decoration.

Previous Cases

Kæmpe bykort over Nr. Felding by
Large danmarkskort i egetræ monteret på en børstet stålplade

Unikt bykort på akrylplade

Large verdenskort i træ sort eg monteret på røget akryl plade. Monteret med synligt metal ophæng
X-Large danmarkskort i egetræ med 1500+ byer, monteret på en hvid gennemfarvet akrylplade

Made in Denmark, Scandinavian design

World in Wood is a leading Danish manufacturer of unique maps. Our elegant world maps are designed and crafted in our workshop in Holstebro using carefully selected high-quality materials. We focus on simplicity and minimalism, allowing the wood to take center stage. With customization options and our unique accessories, our customers can create personalized artworks that tell their own story. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist in meeting customers’ wishes and needs. Choose Danish design and quality with a world map from World in Wood.

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