Made in Denmark     Scandinavian design and Quality materials     Short delivery time     Designed in Denmark     Lots of possibilities for customization     Invisible magnetic surfacee     FREE Samle     Ready to create custom solutions

Discover Elegant Wood World Maps

Explore our impressive range of wood world maps that combine Scandinavian design with a unique sense of adventure. Our wood world maps are more than just luxurious wall decorations – they express memories and tell your personal travel story. Choose from our various variants, including Denmark’s largest world map, magnetic world maps, and much more.

Unique Country Maps and Municipality Maps in Wood

Dive into our selection of country maps and municipality maps in wood. These detailed maps are beautiful additions to any home decor. Each map is carefully designed and crafted in Denmark, and our passion for woodworking shines through in every product. Choose the perfect map to represent your favorite country or your own municipality.

Create Your Personal Artwork with Unique Solutions

Our unique solutions allow you to create your own artwork. Explore our customized maps that can be tailored to your wishes and needs. Our dedicated team is ready to help you design a map that fits you perfectly. Make your wall art personal and meaningful with our unique map designs.

Additions and Accessories for Your Wall Decoration

Make your wall decoration even more unique with our range of additions and accessories. Explore our interactive wall art that allows you to mark your travel experiences on the map. Choose from our various accessory products that can add functionality and style to your wall decoration.

Quality and Elegance with Scandinavian Design

Our home wood products are characterized by quality and elegance. Each product is designed and manufactured in our workshop in Holstebro, where we place great emphasis on Scandinavian design heritage and attention to detail. Whether for private or commercial use, our woodwork adds subtle beauty to any space.

Experience Our Workshop and Exhibition

Visit our workshop and exhibition in Holstebro to see our wood products in real life. Get a feel for the quality and beauty of our maps and wall decorations. We are proud of our work and look forward to welcoming you and sharing our passion for wood design with you.

Buy Wood Products Online

Explore our online range and find the perfect wood product for your home or office. Our online sales of wood products make it easy to choose and order your favorite designs. Choose aesthetics, quality, and functionality with our woodwork for the wall.

Create a visual expression of your travels and experiences with our wood world maps and wall decorations. Choose World in Wood for Scandinavian design, quality, and unique map solutions.

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