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There are many ways to choose the right size. We have a few tips on how to select the right size:

Wall Size
If you have a bare wall, we usually recommend the largest size that fits. We always recommend a minimum of 10-20 cm of space on each side of the map.

Example 1:
If you have a wall that measures 250 cm, we would recommend our large world map, which measures 100×200 cm. This will create 25 cm of space on each side.

Example 2:
If you have a wall that measures 205 cm, our large world map will only have 2.5 cm of space on each side, which may look cramped. Therefore, we recommend our medium map instead, which measures 75×150 cm and will have 27.5 cm of space on each side. If you feel there is too much space, it can be filled with our various map additions, such as clocks or picture bars.

Furniture Size
If the map is to hang over furniture, we recommend purchasing a map that matches the size of the furniture. If the furniture measures approximately 200 cm wide, it will match perfectly with our large world map. If the furniture measures 180 cm, it will look better if the map is slightly smaller, for example, our medium map at 75×150 cm, rather than the map being larger than the furniture.

If you are unsure about which size map to purchase, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready to advise.

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