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Guide for moving or removing your map

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Removing the map

Start by removing all the big parts,  which are mounted on magnets. Once removed, unscrew all the magnets.

BE CAREFUL when handling the magnets, so they dont touch each other, as they might shatter. We recommend you place a protecting barrier between the magnets so they dont touch metal to metal.

Now you can begin removing the small islands, which are attached to the wall using foam tape. The bigger pieces can be hard to pull off the wall. If you’re having trouble pulling the islands off, we recommend you use a thin knife to cut through the foam tape. After the island has come off, you can rub any remaining foam tape residue off the wall. Make sure to remove any foam tape from the backside of the island, if you intend to mount the map again.

All smaller islands with only a single foam tape behind, can be removed by twisting the island. Again make sure to remove and foam tape from the backside of the island if you intent to mount the map again.

The foam tape is very strong, so depending on your wall type and the state of your wall, pulling off the islands may cause minor damages. We recommend you take your time, and use a thin knife to remove the islands without damaging the wall.

Before you mount your map again.

If you need to transport the map to a different location, we recommend you use our movingpackage. The moving package includes a new shipping box, with lasercut inserts to keep your wooden pieces safe. The packages also includes everything from the mounting package

If you need to mount the map again, but dont have the paper template saved, we recommend you use our mounting package. The mounting packages includes everything you need to remount your map, including the following items: Paper template, cardboard distance template and foamtape

If you saved your paper template and need to remount your map, you will need to use new foamtape. Our foamtape package includes a new pre-stamped sheet of foamtape.

Now you're ready to find the online guide for your map!

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