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Online guide to installing your
Acrylic mounted Wooden World Map

Recommended Tools



Tape measure




Verdenskort træ egetræ akryl plade

Step 1: Mount the hanging rail to the wall

Mark the desired height to the ceiling on the wall using a marker. Remember to account for the distance between the mounting rail and the top of the map.

Place the rail on the wall and level it using a spirit level.

Concrete/Brick wall: If you have a concrete or brick wall, mark the holes, remove the rail, and drill holes for the wall plugs.

Then, secure the rail with the included screws.

Drywall: For a drywall, it’s crucial to anchor the rail to the wall’s studs for a secure installation. You may need to drill new holes into the frame. REMEMBER to countersink the screws. If you’re unsure about this process, we recommend contacting a professional handyman.

Verdenskort træ egetræ akryl plade LED lys grøn

Step 2 (Only for those with LIGHTS): Connect the map to your Phone

Download the “Smart Life” app.

Create a user account, and you’re now ready to connect your world map.

Power up the world map using the included power cable. Then, press and hold the SET button on the light controller until the small LED light starts blinking. The world map is now in pairing mode. NOTE: It may be helpful to have someone assist you in holding the map.

Inside the app, tap on the small blue plus icon in the top right corner, then select “Add Device”. The app should automatically detect the world map and display it at the top, after which you can tap to add.

The map is now connected. If you encounter any issues or have questions about this process, please refer to the instructions included in your accessory pouch.

Verdenskort i egetræ på hvid akrylplade med blå LED lys.

Step 3: Mount the map on the wall

Now, disconnect the power to the map.

Carefully lift the map up onto the wall, then slowly lower it until you can feel the map make contact with the mounting bracket on the wall. Ensure that the map has good contact with the bracket before releasing it. NOTE: It’s best to have 2 people for this task.

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