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Pin Magnet Package (25 magnets)

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Tell Your Travel Stories with Elegant Pin Magnets for Our Wooden World Map

Create a personalized map of your adventures with our pin magnet package ? the ideal way to mark your destinations on our beautiful wooden world map. These small, refined magnets are designed to be used on our map’s magnetic surface, creating a subtle and meaningful narrative of your travel history.

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Small Details, Big Adventures

Our pin magnets are discreet and elegant, so they don’t overshadow the beauty of our wooden world maps. Despite their modest size, they tell a big story about your travel experiences. Each magnet represents a unique place you’ve visited, adding a special sparkle to the map.

Three Elegant Colors to Choose From

We offer our pin magnets in three refined colors: Silver, Gold, and Black. These color choices not only allow you to match the magnets to your world map’s wood color but also to differentiate between family members’ or household’s travels. Create a color coding that tells the stories of “yours,” “mine,” and “ours” adventures.

Minimalistic Elegance on Your Map

Even though they are small, our pin magnets add a subtle and timeless elegance to your world map. They don’t disturb the map’s aesthetics but complement it beautifully. When you look at the map, the small magnets will remind you of your visits to distant lands and nearby places.

The Package That Tells Your Stories

Each pin magnet package contains 25 magnets, and if you choose the mixed pack, you’ll get 10 magnets of each color ? a total of 30 magnets. This allows you to build your own unique travel story. And the more packages you buy, the greater discount you get, making it even more affordable to create your personal map narrative.

Bring Your World Map to Life with Stories

Our pin magnet package is more than just small pieces of metal ? they are stories of your adventures. Whether it’s the golden beaches, historic monuments, or charming landscapes you’ve visited, each magnet will remind you of unforgettable moments. Create your own travel artwork by adding our elegant pin magnets to your world map and showcase your life journeys in a remarkable way.

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