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Wooden Map of Europe

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World Map with Clocks – Follow the Time Around the World

Are you curious about the time in San Francisco? Do you want to keep track of the time in the Faroe Islands? Or does it matter to you to be able to follow the time in Sydney? With a world map with clocks, you not only get to invite the world into your home, but you also invite time. It adds a unique touch to the world map – but also to your interior design. With our world map with clocks, no detail or material has been spared. It is high-quality wood, and it is a map we have handcrafted ourselves. Therefore, when you order a world map with clocks to hang at home, you are also ordering a product of high and luxurious quality. It is made to inspire you to travel throughout your life. You can feel the quality as soon as you get it in your hands. We hope that alone can inspire you to new experiences or help you remember memories. Because the quality makes you want to look at it and let it be part of your everyday life.

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Design Challenging the Norm – European Map as Art Installation

We aspire to more than just a map showing the way. We aim to bring joy and inspiration to your walls, a constant reminder to embrace life fully. Our European Map is crafted with heart to capture that feeling and present you with a map that is not just a piece of woodwork but also magnetic, opening up unique possibilities.

Exclusive Look with Natural Materials

At World In Wood, we want the best for you. That’s why we’ve designed and produced our own magnetic European Map in wood. This decision has allowed us to create a European Map with an exclusive design that is unique in the Danish market. A wooden European Map like this can’t be found elsewhere.

Our design is born from inspiration from modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian interior styles. The result is a map made of natural materials that fits perfectly into the simple and bright aesthetic embraced by many Danish homes.

Our European Map comes in one size:

Large: 130 cm x 100 cm

Interactive Design – Highlight Your Travel Adventures

Our map is not just for decoration. It’s an interactive tool for documenting your travels. Use the elegant magnets to mark places you’ve visited and those you dream of experiencing. This map becomes a constant source of inspiration and reminders of your experiences and dreams of future travels.

Smooth Hanging with Magnetic Precision

We’ve considered everything, even the hanging. Our magnetic hanging is tailored to the map, allowing you to adjust it to your preferences and create the perfect placement on the wall. For small islands that are not suitable for magnetic hanging, permanent 3M double-sided foam tape is included to securely fasten them to the wall.

Size and Delivery – An Elegant Focus on the Wall

Our European Map measures 1.3 m x 1 m, making it an impressive addition to your walls. We always strive to deliver quickly, but in busy periods, delivery may take up to 14 business days. However, there may be fortunate moments when the desired map is in stock, and if so, it will be delivered within 1-3 business days.

Let Your Wall Tell Your Travel Story – Order Your European Map Today

Give your wall a voice, a visual story of your travel experiences and dreams. Our wooden map is not just artwork; it’s a window to your adventures. Order today and let your wall become part of your travel story.

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